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The medium of photography has always been a big part of my life, and the art of capturing beautiful images has always fascinated me. It all started with a Polaroid, the instant-photo camera, and I’ve never looked back since. The pure magic of seeing the image appear on the card after you peel away the paper was what inspired me to become the photographer I am today.This passion for recording amazing moments was further fueled when I studied photography at University, and also when I had kids, which inspired me to record their journeys of life on the black and white film that was predominant at that time, and that’s when I learnt how to develop and print my own negatives. Being solitary in the red light of the darkroom, surrounded by the smell of chemicals and being part of the meditative process of developing a photo which I captured was what I lived for.

Of course, times have changed, and so has technology. The dark room has been replaced by the light and airy room with windows and computers. But in a way, nothing’s changed. I still get the same rush of excitement when I see my pictures appear on the computer screen, and I want to share with you that excitement of capturing those memorable moments of pure and unadulterated emotion.

Take a look through my work on the website, and if you feel I’m the right person for you, do get in touch.






You can contact me by:

email: info@meriportraitphotography.co.uk

phone: 07970 028495

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Awards & Exhibitions

Its nice to be recognised for your work.

National and local awards.

British institute professional photographers.

Association of Photographer award for portraiture

Local exhibitions: People gallery Leicester (Kangaroo Kids)

Ellerington Fine Art Gallery (Fine art portrait award)


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